We are masters in Bagasse Biodegradable Disposables

Business Point International (BPI), is one of India's leading manufacturers of biodegradable Bagasse tableware. To  fulfill the requirements of our buyers from single source, BPI also trade in birchwood cutlery, biodegradable bags and several other eco-friendly packaging material. We are with you on your war against single-use plastics. 

Through Sadho, we aim to prevent micro-plastics from entering our food-chain by eliminating the need for single-use plastics one product at a time. We intend to deliver economical, guilt-free, disposable, and reusable alternatives to plastics, foams, and metals.


Sadho is Sanskrit for "Saint". The term evokes minimalism and consciously choosing only what's good for mother earth.

Devoted to creating a better planet, Sadho produces environment-friendly dinnerware, delivery-ware, take-ware, cutlery, and secondary packaging solutions in ultramodern, low carbon footprint factory

We profess to "Live Saintly" with #minimalism via Sadho.

Why we chose to manufacture Bagasse Tableware?

Bagasse is a 100% compostable sugarcane fiber pulp. It is natural, food safe, and backyard biodegradable. It is apparently the best known alternative to the single use plastics/foams.

Sadho's bagasse tableware is a safe, greener alternative that breakdowns into natural compost once buried in the ground, unlike traditional oil-based plastics.

Our Factories are Sustainability and Innovation Driven

Our factories focus on sustainable manufacturing practices and continuous R&D in creating eco-friendly material, molds engineering and space saving packaging design. Our IP driven products are manufactured at Sadho owned/accredited factories under exclusive contracts.

Our innovative eco-friendly products are the result of continuous research on plant based materials like bagasse and bio-plastic additives.

Our ultra modern factories use clean fuel and have low carbon footprint. We welcome custom molds, packaging and co-branding requirements.

Sell your BRAND. Get Custom Products Developed.

You make more profits when your sell your own branded and/or custom developed products. We welcome all requests from creating exclusive product molds to designer packaging

Outshine your competitors and grow your brand for effortless repeat business. 

We engineer it all to fit your brand and marketing strategies. #imagineers@work  #Reinvent #Redesign #Rebrand

"Sadho" is your preferred Bagasse manufacturing partner

1. Biggest Bagasse Collection

We've invested heavily in creating a large number of bagasse molds to offer everything in one place. 

2. Lowest Cost Guarantee

Try our disposable products quote. You're guaranteed to earn extra profit compared to your current supplier. 

3. Quality Guarantee

Durable. Compliant worldwide. PFAS/PFOS-free. Resistant to oil and grease. Microwave and refrigerator safe. Long-lasting. Suitable for backyard composting. 

4. Custom Molds for you

Get unique molds and materials exclusively for you. Stand out in your market with products that are exclusively yours.

5. Additional Products

We offer low-margin trading on related products such as cutlery, napkins, and paper disposables, so you can get all the products you need in one place.

6. Personalized Packaging

Enhance your sales by customizing the number of pieces per SKU, per carton, and creating product combos with your brand on it. Let us handle all of it for you! 

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2. Share your list via email (bpisadho@gmail.com) or WhatsApp (+919355223191).

3. Receive quotation within 2 business days. 

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