Business Point International promotes sustainable lifestyle

Sanjay Goel

Chief Executive Officer/Co-founder/Partner

Serial entrepreneur for 20+ years. Ex-AVP Paytm, Ex-Founder Ethnic India (Iris Fragrances), Ex-Founder Mobivite, Founder-Teayamo.

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Business Point International (BPI) is a 35-year-old Indian manufacturer and merchant exporter. 

We produce eco-friendly food packaging (Bagasse Tableware) as "SADHO - LIVE SAINTLY" and trade in various food packaging items, groceries, and more. 

We source products from across India and guarantee competitive pricing, quality, and a seamless business partnership. 

Our collaborative approach leverages a vast network of manufacturers for consistent supplies at fair prices. 

We constantly expand our product lines and offer product development services to keep your portfolio profitable and future-ready. 

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