Bagasse Bowls

Our Bagasse Bowls are suitable for serving liquid or semi-liquid items and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The larger models come with quick seal lids for spill-proof food-delivery. Made from 100% renewable sugarcane fiber, our bowls are microwave safe up to 150 C, as well as freezer safe. Bagasse and Pet Lids Available.

SKUs (Sizes in ml): 100B (100 ml Bowl), 150SB (150 ml Square Bowl), 180B (180 ml bowl), 235B (235 ml bowl), 300B (300 ml bowl), 350B (350 ml bowl), 500B (500 ml bowl),  500RB (500 ml Bowl), 720B (720 ml bowl), 750B (750 ml bowl), 960B (960 ml bowl) Round, Square and Rectangular Bowls.