Bagasse Plates

Plant-based, strong, leak-resistant plates made from sugarcane fiber for eco-friendly dining. The various size options and sturdy material make them suitable for all types of meals without ever having to double up on plates. Complete range.

SKUs (Sizes in inches): 6PR (6  inch dia), 7PR (7 inch dia), 9PR (9 inch dia), 9PR3CP (9 inch dia 3 Compartment), 10PR (10 inch dia), 10PR3CP (10 inch dia 3 compartment), 11PR4CP (11 inch dia 4 Compartment), 12PR (12 inch dia), 12PR4CP (12inch dia 4 Compartment), 10X8PO (10X8 inch Oval Shape Plate), 12.5X10PO (12.5X10 inch Oval Shape Plate, 9PS (9 inch Square Plate), 11PR7CP (11 inch dia 7 Compartment). Mostly round, sometimes oval and square.