Bagasse Clamshells

Be it a burger, bun, a sub, or fish & chips, Sadho clamshells are designed to meet the needs of the ever growing Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) industry. Along with being water and oil resistant, the clamshells are microwave and freezer safe. They come with up to 3 compartments and a variety of sizes.

SKUs (Sizes in inch): 6X6CS (6 inch Clamshell), 8X8CS (8 inch Clamshell), 8X8CS3CP (8 inch 3 Compartment Clamshell), 9X6CS (9x6 inch Clamshell), 9X9CS (9 inch Clamshell), 9X9CS3CP (9 inch 3 Compartment Clamshell), 10X6CS2CP (10x6 inch 2 Compartment Clamshell), 13X6CS (13x6 inch Clamshell).